1. Advertising Is simply about the two “M”s – Message & Media (Why do we make it so complicated).

Message: “People don’t buy because of your product or service – they buy because of what they believe about your product or service.”

Media: “If you want to catch fish, you have to go where the fish are. Media selection has to match your customer’s lifestyle.”

2. Branding Is simply about falling in Love!

3. Customer Retention The first step in growing market share is retaining your current customers.

Question: If you gain a customer one day and on the same day, if you loose a customer, have you broken even?

4. Value-Pricing You don’t determine value of your service or product, your customer does.

5. Market Research Ask the right questions and your customers will tell you how to sell them.

6. Differentiation Your product or service MUST be differentiated in a way that will be significant, relevant and compelling – thus creating demand with your typical customer (or aspirational customer).

Question: How do you differentiate your business in a way that is significant, relevant and pertainent?

7. PR and Publicity It is more powerful to have someone else sing your praises than for you to.

What we will cover

• Simple and easy to apply essential marketing.
• How to grow market share and retain your golden current customers. How to level the paying field with other marketing savvy retailers. (The big boxes want your customers)
• How to create branded affinity. (Emotional attachment to your business)
• How to uniquely appeal to customers.


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