Do you really need strategic visioning?
You need strategic visioning if your company exhibits any of the following symptoms:

1. Your company lacks a clear understanding of where it needs to be - where it is going.
2. Your employees go about their daily duties, yet they don't know how their efforts contribute to a greater good of your company.
3. Your plans change dramatically month to month or year to year. You struggle to find the right formula for growth.
4. Your employees or departments often work at cross purposes or duplicate efforts.
5. You can not see your company's direction or objectives further out than one year.
6. You have no Big Bold Initiatives which, when achieved, will move your company sharply forward.
7. Your budget or your tactics drive your strategic plan rather than your strategic plan driving your budget and tactics.
8. Your company is not going where you originally expected it to.

If your company suffers from any of these symptoms you could benefit from Strategic Visioning. If more than 3, call HorizonStar TODAY!


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