Strategic Visioning Is A Guided Process

The Process

Simply put, your clinic facilitator will teach the principals of strategic visioning to your vision team. We will ascertain where the company is today and identify internal and external forces effecting your company's performance.

Then begin a process of taking your team out of "the now" and into a period 5 to 10 years into the future. Through a process of directed dreaming, the team will look at where the company needs to be in the future by looking back.

After assembling a series of dreams, visions, ideas and destinations, a strategic vision will begin to form.

Then we will fine tune the vision, wordsmith it, generate concensus and test it against expectations. Your vision is born.

Your Facilitator - Roderick Orr

Before forming HorizonStar, Roderick Orr was a radio broadcaster, focusing on retail marketing, since 1966. He consulted thousands of customers from a unique perspective. Orr helped them organize their marketing efforts with a view toward their long term objectives, not just immediate advertising needs.

Orr discovered they made much better immediate marketing decisions (tactically) when they knew where they wanted to take their stragegic marketing effort over the next ten years.

Orr began studying strategic planning and began understanding that most organizations fail to do long term planning or visioning.

They live in "the now" and are highly immersed in today’s tasks, problems and challenges. They are "aimless wanderers".

Orr is working or has worked with 32 organizations and companies, including his own and organizations that he has served. All his customers describe their new visioning as bringing them revolutionary change.


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