Your First Step Is A Phone Call
HorizonStar Will Immediately Begin Working You Out Of The Fog

Initially, HorizonStar will provide you a free telephone consultation to determine your objectives and where you are developmentally in your strategic vision.

Next, we will schedule a visit to your company or organization (usually two days). We conduct a preliminary dialogue with the clinic organizer.

Your facilitator will conduct a seminar about the concepts of visioning. With your key visioning team, we will begin developing actionable dreams. Together, we will discover your HorizonStar.

During that visit, if time permits, we will craft a mission and build a strategy with Big Bold Initiatives, enabling the vision.

We provide (by phone or visit) up to two additional clinic follow-ups as may be necessary to finalize your strategic vision. (This, except expenses, is included in your fee).

When you are well on your journey, we will remain in touch as your scout and guide to insure your new born strategic vision thrives. (Follow-ups after the strategic vision is created are $750.00 per day plus expenses.)

Cost: Budget $4,000 - $6,000 plus travel expenses.


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